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Question Master/Apprentice


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Just wondered if this has been implemented and I missed it. I was scrolling through
attack modes and saw Master, but never asked the question until now.

If not is it something that will be coming to Arcadia in the future?

It was considered a couple of years ago but I believe GM concluded it would just end up being abused unless a huge amount of care was put into its implementation, and it just wasn't worth the stress.

With all the help for low levels and new players already out there (exp boosts, skull island, very cheap books etc.) I'm not convinced it's really needed.

Maybe there's still room for something like that to be useful, if you have specific ideas of how it could be implemented to benefit new players without causing any unfairness then I'm sure GM would read with interest and give it due consideration
If I remember rightly, the system is still there somewhat functionally, it just needs hooking up but I don't personally see much of a use for it. I think the cons would outweigh the pros in all honesty.

Many many moons ago I dabbled with it and got it working as it seems to mirror the old lover system from the original game but that was pretty much just it - there wasn't much of a direction or any real purpose to it that I could think of.

Remember the little love hearts when you married someone?