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Make Refining Great Again!!


Hello guys,

Since returning,there a few things I've noticed with the server,one of them being refining!!!
I remember there being a cap of +30 on refrefining and that was great my record on the server is +25!!!!! any beaten that!?

but the problem is these days whe,n you refine it remove's the element states can. Can be changed so that refining only affects dc. sc ,mc not the elements added?
it would bring an item weapon / gold / item sink back into the game with a great braggin right to who can make the best elemental weapon and refine also?

So just to clarify bringing refining back the method/class is already there just stop it by removing already added elements and we have a potential extra 30stats at risk bragging rights for everyone. also refining goes back to a classic eara of Mir who does not remember refining on Euro or even P69 it was huge there?
I think it's an amazing piece to the game that has fallen short last few years and needs to be brought back to its former glory of the REFINING ING OF THE SERVER TITLE!?

Yes / No?

A grumpy old mir vet who loved refining!!!!

Ps i drink to much whiskey these days read between the lines
I've always loved the concept of refining, a revamp of it would be great but not essential.
This is kind of what Orbs do so doesn't seem to be much need

Couldn't we get both? Refining would set the weapon with a new base stat, and the orbs could juice it up even more.

Is refining still in the game? The old way of using blackiron and an item, then waiting an hour to see if it turns to dust or not on its first use? I kinda miss it even if it was really basic. It would certainly make blackironore have a purpose.
Refining was fun and refinery was always a decent vibe because of it, but I think it is an outdated feature, and it would be more of a time sink for the developing team than it would be a gold sink for the server.

You could just add gems to your kit if you miss the risk of your items turning to dust lol
We don't need a refinery for weapons.
What we do need is another "ref" type place to fight like the good old days. pvp football field map is just way too big.
This is kind of what Orbs do so doesn't seem to be much need
Orbs don't create the risk of breaking the weapon and the tension of swinging it the first time after a refine to see if it works or turns to dust, and +30 from refine with +9 orbs would be a great weapon to show off.
You also create the gameplay of collecting said items you want to use on the weapon refine.

Just an idea as the code already exists, just needs a change to allow the states from refining to stay when you try and get better elements on it.