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lvling and exp


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hey there andy/wadra

i seen some odd game play with exp between chars we can take all the maps for the same like lake tomb of dead crystail and blue dragon place and reddragon place

note all chars are the same lvl

war 150 in tomb of dead would get 150k to 160k
tao 150 in tomb of dead would get 100k to 130k
not tryed wizzy here yet


war 140k per mob
tao 130k
wizzy 190k

same kind of stuff is going on in other maps to

can u have a look in to this as all players should have the same exp no matter were they are lvling

All players do get same exp. You were probably killing different level mobs. Give us examples with EXACT numbers so we can match. Kill the same mob with same level (most mobs in higher level areas can have a level range of 5) on each char, you'll see that it's the same
i know what you are saying but still the same we both can kill the same mobs and clear easy and fast but the exp seems just a little less for taos maybe have a little look into this yourself just to see ...