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Lion Roar


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Again, please look into it, during war when i go to LR a wiz/taos pets, they literally come back and hit u, including during the 2 second fear, it needs fixing it lasts next to no time so u have to HOLD the button down... its unfair we got a skill tht dont work like its supposed to.
Please also look at frozen ground not slowing people enough, it’s unfair other people’s pets and warriors can get close to hit me
I think for tao as they vastly underpowerd, we should have the following:
Repent in pvp
Holy shock/fire/freeze to be ran at same time.
Also for these to be available in pvp.

Could these be looked into asap pls
Fuck it why not let taos have 10 pets wiz have a skill that 1 bangs and warriors well make them do 100hp per hit...