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Updates discontinued.

Guide updates discontinued due to lack of demand, and not enough hours in the day to invest :(

Listed below is an old guide that has SOME similarities to refer to.

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Sorry about my previous Warrior Levelling guide where I was kinda rushed and probably missed loads of stuff out. I'll try my best to include a decent level of depth in this guide. - I also missed out in my previous guide to mention that Experience Gems are a great help and can be used from levels 60-90. Experience Gems can be obtained by killing a WoomaTaurus in WoomaTemple. (They do drop from other bosses but Woomataurus' are your best bet)

Level 50-70
- Death Valley: (Page 1 of the Portal Stone) This area was always one of my favourite areas to level my Wizard, first of all I would like to suggest that if you wish to level reasonably faster, I would first do the pet licenses to receive pets. (Pet licences can be obtained by going to the Farm and speaking with the Farmer) You don't NEED to do the pet licence quests but if you wish to level faster, I would do them. Once your in Death Valley, it is pretty straight forward, this area has a large amount of monsters and thus is proven to be a great area to level in. The monsters don't do any damage except from the Dhoul (Sub-Boss). So I would just use FireWall to cover a large area at which the zombies walk around and once the place is FireWall'd up, use ThunderStorm to finish off those that are surrounding you. The 3rd floor of DeathValley contains more monsters than the 1st floor so I would advise making your way up there. Also, there are no bosses/sub-bosses on the 2nd and 3rd floors. (Except for one of the holes created by the Prisoners, my advice - Do NOT enter that area unless you're a much higher level, the correct hole will spawn directly between both of the ImperialGuards) If you wish to kill the Dhoul, I would suggest trapping the Dhoul behind any object/monsters and FireWalling its walking range, due to its fast movement, it will die in mere seconds. I don't believe you would need to use a ProtectionRing in this area so if you wish to take full MC kit to speed things up, that shouldn't be a problem (For those who don't know what the ProtectionRing does, the ProtectionRing removes any damage to your Health but consumes Mana in its place, once your Mana has fully depleted you will begin to lose health). Obviously, a ProtectionRing will probably be needed if you happen to run into him. Also, just a quick hint, taking RandomTeleports help loads if you want to speed things by randomly teleporting into masses of monsters and annihilating them all.

- Ghoul Cave: (Page 1 of the Portal Stone) Again, this area is similar to Death Valley in terms of the monsters not actually doing much damage. In this area however, the map is just a small box shaped room filled with 30 Ghouls of which 2 of them are "super" Ghouls (not hard at all but give more Exp and drop skill books regularly). Simply repeat the same strategy as listed in the Death Valley section above, FireWall + ThunderStorm and your pretty much done. This area may have some competition as it is quite small and several players tend to try and get the monsters first.

- Hidden Lands: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) Hidden Lands is relatively small but has a decent number of monsters around, including 3 RedOmaSkele's (Sub-Bosses) and a GoldOmaSkele (Boss). The GoldOmaSkele can be quite tricky, but like most bosses if you find yourself fighting it face-to-face, your best bet is to find an area where you can trap the boss/sub-boss and FireWall its walking range. In this area, the monsters are relatively easy but can pack quite a punch in groups I suppose, they do however offer more experience than monsters in the two areas previously mentioned. It's safe to say, that Wizards can use the same tactic over and over again, simple FireWall an area and use ThunderStorm. Failing that, you can always just FireWall an area and lure the mobs to the centre of all the FireWall and just run round to avoid being hit. The monsters here drop pots so I believe this area is a useful place to players who wish to level continuously without having to go back to town to pot up again, the OmaKings around Hidden Lands drop a fair amount of pots too. (They look the same as the OmaWarriors around so keep your eye out! They are much faster than OmaWarriors and hit with an electric crash similar to the WoomaTaurus attack) [This area can only be accessed by levels 54-60]

- Woomataurus King Levelling Area: (WTKLA) (Connected Path - Page 1 of the Portal Stone - WoomaKingRelic + Heart required) This area can be accessed via Connected Path, the NPC that allows entry is located on the far left passage. A WoomaKingRelic and WoomaKingHeart is required to gain entry (These items can be obtained by killing a WoomaKing - Far Right corridor - WoomaHorn and WoomaHearts are needed to spawn this boss). Once inside, you are only allowed 1 Hour to kill as many monsters as you can. This room is medium sized (It's the same map as the IZTPalace if you played Euro) and is filled with various types of Slaves, these monsters cannot hit the player so I would advise taking pets and a full MC kit. The room is packed with these Slaves and has a short respawn time. Again, repeat the same tactics as listed above, however ThunderStorm is not very effective here so instead of using ThunderStorm, IceStorm is sufficient. So just mass FireWall the area and use IceStorm to finish off the remainders. Once your Hour is up you will be teleported back to the NPC. You CANNOT log out in this area as you will be teleported out once you log back in.

- Tongs Tomb: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) This area is good as the map is fairly small and is filled with various types of Tongs. There is also a boss in the area called TongsLord, he isn't much of a challenge but can take a while to kill. (He also teleports if surrounded - like a WoomaTaurus) Again, in this area, the Tongs are resistant to ThunderStorm so FireWall and IceStorm is needed. There are several EvilTongs around the cave so be mindful of how many you decide to lure, they can do a fair bit of damage, not a lot but I wouldn't bother wasting pots and duras. A ProtectionRing may be needed here.

- Serpent Tomb: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) It has been said that this area is quite hard for a Wizard levelling area, but I have found this area quite good for levelling. The monsters do considerably more damage than those in the other areas stated above, however there are a lot more monsters found on the second floor. There is also a lot more cover so you can reduce damage by keeping your back to the wall and mass FireWalling the place. Unfortunately, I haven't tried using ThunderStorm as I got comfy with using IceStorm so I'm not entirely sure if the monsters here are resistant to ThunderStorm. The boss in this area is known as the EvilSerpent, this monster hurts quite considerably, not to mention he moves very fast. Not to worry though, as you will have probably understood the fact that fast moving bosses can be killed quite easy if they're trapped and FireWall'ed to death, I needn't say more. Again, RandomTeleports are quite useful in these areas, more so on the 2nd floor as you may wish to jump to the more crowded areas to speed up your levelling performance. I would advise keeping your ProtectionRing with you in this area.

- Ant Cave: (Connected Room - Page 1 of the Portal Stone) This area can be accessed by going through all the doors from the Connected Room until you reach Ant Cave. (I would take a ClearRing if you have one as only the ZumaWolverines and ZumaWarriors and a few AxeZumas can see through, helps a lot in the Underground) The room before Ant Cave is the Cave of Evil. In here, there are 2 EvilGuardians (Sub-Bosses) and an EvilsIllusion (Boss), these guys can do a fair amount of damage but can be easily killed by trapping them at the entrance to Ant Cave, once they're trapped simply run round the corner and FireWall + IceStorm. Because these monsters move fast, they die in mere seconds. (Not the best drops but I have heard they drop a Maximus - Rare necklace with Luck+3 valued at 15million gold) Once you have entered Ant Cave, just a word of warning, the boss in here is a Nightmare but CANNOT see through a ClearRing. Several monsters also cannot see through the ClearRing but others can, MassacreAnts can see through the ClearRing. Hint: at co-ordinates 104:63, you can only be hit by one monster at a time so I would suggest luring massive amounts of monsters to this area and blocking at those co-ordinates whilst mass FireWalling and IceStorming the ants. Be careful not to lure the boss though (Queen Ant) as she has the ability to hit from a distance of two Cells, so the '1-hit-spot' will be pretty useless. I would say a ProtectionRing would be useful here but if you manage to get to the '1-hit-spot' you could replace the ProtectionRing with another MC Ring, so long as you take some HP Pots with you just in case.

[Level 70-Rebirth]
- Svaltus Dungeon/Cave: [Advanced] (Page 1 - Dungeon, Page 3 - Cave) I wouldn't recommend this area to any Wizard whose MC is below 180 and does not have Luck+8 or 9. However, those is only a guideline. If accompanied by a Taoist, this place is extremely good as once the monsters are poisoned, the FireWall kills monsters instantly. Beware of the SvaltusTroll that can be found on the 6th Floor of Svaltus Cave and the 3rd Floor of Svaltus Dungeon. I wouldn't even try to kill this boss, even if you have a Trap Spot for it to run around in the FireWall. This boss' health and AC/AMC is far too high for MC to keep a consistent level of damage even with poison, I would advise getting higher level and greater MC before attempting to solo or with poison. This area uses a slightly different tactic from the areas mentioned previously, this is purely because, if you decide to allow yourself to get surrounded, chances are you will probably be killed instantly as the monsters do a large amount of damage. Instead of taking this approach, simply mass FireWall a piece of open area (avoid obstructions such as map objects, narrow corridors or walls), once you have done so, lure the monsters in groups (if you wish - obviously be able to level a lot after if you do) to the centre of the FireWall and simply run around the outside of the FireWall, making sure the monsters are kept within the FireWall. Keep running around the outside of the FireWall until all the monsters are dead, this method can be used in both the Cave and the Dungeon. ProtectionRings are strongly advised, unless you feel you can take on the damage and pot HP as well as running and FireWalling.

- Terror Temple: (Page 3 of the Portal Stone) Before we start, I would recommend using Random Teleports to get you to F5, that is where the levelling starts. Once you have reached F5, you will enter a Labyrinth style map completely filled with monsters. The StoneTerrors and Terrors have the ability to paralyse your player so be careful. There are also several TerrorKings lurking around so watch out for those as they can do a fair bit of damage. I always brought LeftGuards here with me, (These can be tamed from Prajna Temple at level 67) I used these because they have high AC/AMC and a good amount of Health, they even do a fair bit of damage too. However, they do have an estimated untame time of approximately 1-2 hours so be careful that they don't untame on you. The tactic here is to keep as close to the walls as you can to avoid wasting pots and dura's, if you decide to run through the middle I guarantee you will lose a lot of durability from your items. So yeah, keep close to the wall and just FireWall around your character whenever you get stuck, repeat this method until you reach the Maze (if you wish to kill the boss, he is through the maze. The Maze Route - Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Right. LeftGuards alone can solo the boss so that shouldn't be a problem) I would recommend using a ProtectionRing here, however the monsters don't do a lot of damage so if you wish to take another MC ring, that could speed things up a bit providing you take some HP pots just incase.


As stated in my previous http://www.thelegendofmir.com/forum/legend-mir-chat/40973-levelling-guide-warrior.html, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. PM the me in game: xXAngelBeccaXx (Beware of my noobish impersonator) Also, feel free to add your own input to whether you think something is missing off or incorrect in any way that you think would help others out.

Best of luck to you all. :approved:
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nice mate =D Although I'd strongly advise against getting the pet licenses as they take up a lot of time and the pets are er.... well, utter shit really! Much bettter just hitting lvl 60 to be able to tame Evil Tongs. I'd put in there though not to take pets with you to somewhere like WTKLA - with the mobs not hurting the best tactic is to mass lure fwall and ice storm, and the pets seriously hamper you from doing that well. Bit of a bummer when youre on an hour timer.
i only skimmed over this post, but 'once the monsters are poisoned, the FireWall kills monsters instantly' ?? no lol, quick perhaps but not instant. Why is svalt for 70+? it is all down to mc and skill, about 165 lk9 mc solo is fine in svalts at any level, i levelled wizz there before in 50's/60's levels, uber kit granted but still you missed it off the list (level 70 makes no sense). i suppose it is ok as a basic guideline to noobs though. terror temple is an area that level 54's can handle.
Ahh I see, glad to see some feedback suggesting improvements. After having a quick blast in Terror Temple at level 54, I think I'll have to agree with you there. As for the Svaltus areas, you're right, no doubt about it. However, new-comers I believe could struggle to get top-notch kit and by making a rough assumption that by level 70, their kit may be considerably better. They could become rich in a couple of days though, some of the new-comers amaze me at times with the quality of their kit! Makes my kit look even worse than it originally is. :embarassed:
Good feedback there Sam. :approved:
These guides are still excellent, it is nice to see so many new players ingame say these are the guides that have taught them the essentials they need to know. V good job :).
I'm currently making a wizz and it's about lvl 60 bla bla, what lvl kit am i looking at for the required mc to go svalts? I can get a maxi.
How about we update this post?

60-70 TT?
70-80 PT
80-86 Ice temp 8th/Zakarum?
86-92 Svaltus
92-96 PB
96-98 Mutant mines 1st and 2nd
98-102 - Mutant mines 3rd
102+ Thor