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Levelling Guide - Warrior


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Updates discontinued.

Guide updates discontinued due to lack of demand, and not enough hours in the day to invest :(

Listed below is an old guide that has SOME similarities to refer to.

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I've decided to create a levelling guide for any of the newcomers. I will attempt to cover most levels; including - levelling areas, how to get to them, requirements etc etc. (I didn't know where to post this, so I thought the quest area would seem closer to levelling)

Level 50-65
- PrajnaTemple: (Page 3 of the Portal Stone): This area can seem quite hard to start off with, but you can actually level here until level 80 as each floor increases in both difficulty and experience. Personally, if you decide to go here grouped, I think that going with a taoist helps considerably. Take the monsters on one at a time so you're not wasting pots and at risk of dying and losing duras/items. I would take a mixture of both slow pots and instant pots, however, if you do not have access to the slow pots, take 3/4 of your bag worth of HealthBundles, and at least 5 ManaBundles. That way you can stay there for quite a while.

- Shelob Lair: This area is also a good place to level, the monsters are easier but offer less experience points than the monsters in PrajnaTemple. You can access this area by heading to Mines of Moria (Page 1 of the Portal Stone) and taking the left passage up to the door (press B to see the full map). The door is at the top. This should take you to the TombOfMoria, once there, make your way to the next door at the other side of the map. Once you head through the door you should enter FangornForest. In this area there are 3 different doors; Fox Cave which is to the top right of the map, MountDoom (via Mordor) to the top left, and ShelobLair to the bottom left. Make your way to Shelob Lair, once inside, there are several types of monster called "Shelobs", these monsters give a nice amount of experience for each kill. However, the boss in this area is called Shelob who has the same skin as the CrystalSpider from euro mir. His claw attacks don't do a lot of damage however his lightning attack can prove quite a problem, I'd advise staying away from this boss until you get a little higher, or take a group with you. In this area, I would advise taking a mixture of slow and instant, but again, if you don't have access to them, I would take about 2/5's bag space of HealthBundles, and about 10 ManaBundles.

- Ice Temple: (Page 4 of the Portal Stone) This area has a lot more monsters than the other two caves but is considerably easier and the experience is lower. Players can use floors 1-5 to level in. The experience and monster difficulty increases the more floors you go down. This is a good solo area, but can be even better if accompanied by a Wizard. I would take about 1/2 of HealthBundles and 1/2 of ManaBunles. (There are 40 spaces in your bag and 6 spaces in the belt) The monsters also drop pots so I think this place is pretty good if you plan on staying a long time.

- Hidden Lands: (Page 2 of the Portal Stone) I wouldn't imagine you would struggle in this area, the boss could prove a problem but it is soloable. The boss in this area is called GoldOmaSkele, he is accompanied by 3 sub-bosses known as RedOmaSkele. There are many OmaKings walking about, these are pretty easy and drop a nice amount of pots to keep you going for abit longer. For this area I would take 3/5's bag space of HealthBundles and about 8 ManaBundles. (This area can only be accessed from levels 54-60)

Level 75-Rebith
- Sunken Temple: (Page 3 of the Portal Stone) This area can be pretty hard, I would advise working here in groups. A good skill to use here is TwinDrakeBlade which can be trained at level 75. This skill is quite rare and thus sells at a high price, saving up your money and buying this skill for later references would be a good long-term investment. I would take on these monsters one at a time as they pack quite a punch. The boss however can be quite a problem and as you can guess, is a lot stronger but offers much more experience points. The boss has the same image as the Mirelurks so be careful. If you happen to get TwinDrakeBlade at level 75, I would use a mixture of slow and instant pots. (Instants can be bought from PastBichon - you can get to PastBichon via PrajnaTemple KR using a TimeStone after speaking to the statue)

- Svaltus Dungeon/Cave: (Page 1 - SvaltusDungeon, Page 3 - Cave) This area is similar to SunkenTemple so I would advise going here in groups unless your stats are high enough to take on the monsters. This area is easier than SunkenTemple in terms of monster damage and health, but there are a lot more monsters in this area so the risk of luring more than one monster at a time is quite high. The 2nd and 3rd floor is a good place to level with a Wizard who has high MC and Luck+8 or 9. I would advise using the same pot scheme as listed in the SunkenTemple area.

- West Oma Valley: (Page 3 of the Portal Stone - PastBichon access required) Again, this area is similar to SunkenTemple and SvaltusDungeon/Cave and it is advised that you take on one monster at a time. This area has several "floors", the further in you go, the greater the experience and monster difficulty is. AxeOmas and SwordOmas are the easiest of the Oma types and obviously offer lower experience but are considerably easier. The OmaArchers are the second easiest but are quite a nuisance as they move around when they decide to attack you. WingedOmas, OmaGuards and FlailOmas are the strongest of the monsters and can be quite hard to the lower levels. Also, there are super Omas around these areas. Super Omas are basically stronger versions of their original forms and thus give more experience by killing them, they also drop items such as; stones, horns, bones and MissingPages. (MissingPages are used for the rebirth quest to convert 15 pages and a broken book into a skill book - either; Vampirism for Wizards, Confusion for Taoists and Entrapment for Warriors) This area is soloable providing you have good items. TwinDrakeBlade helps a lot in these areas. The mobs also drop slow pots so this area is often quite good for players who wish to level continuously without having to go to town to repot. (Hint: you need to harvest WingedOmas to recieve their items, hold Alt and left click to harvest)


Note: I will produce a Wizard and Taoist guide in the future. Feel free to add anything to this guide that you may think is missing or incorrect. At this moment I was being rushed off the computer so the chances are I have missed something, I will correct things later on if I think I've missed something out.

Best of luck to you all, hope this is of any help to anyone. :approved:

If you have any questions, leave a message on here or pm me in game:
xXAngelBeccaXx - Again, don't get confused with my imitators who always claim to be me.
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Sorry, just noticed on the West Oma Valley section I've used the term "providing you have good items", I meant to say, providing your DC is high enough. A mixture of both accuracy and DC works wonders.
Wot floor at level 82 would be normal exp in pt? Roughly ty. Great guides tho really helped ty

I've noticed you've got TDB, I reckon you can smash ST now mate. Give it a go, might take more pots to get going but I reckon you've got a good chance. :approved:
Yeah tdb is kl. Il see how it's goes, do you mean st stone temple or st sunken temple? ^.^

Sorry about the late reply mate, I meant Sunken Temple but yeah I reckon you could handle Stone Tomb. :approved:
Ye no worries thnx for replying lol. I've got the lvln down thanks to this guide. ^.^
Although I did notice it goes from 50-65 then 75-rb was that intentional or jst a mistake?
Because for me I did find that 65-75 where kind of harder to lvl coz the exp weren't so gd in the lower places but the mobs were to hard in others lol
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Ye no worries thnx for replying lol. I've got the lvln down thanks to this guide. ^.^
Although I did notice it goes from 50-65 then 75-rb was that intentional or jst a mistake?
Because for me I did find that 65-75 where kind of harder to lvl coz the exp weren't so gd in the lower places but the mobs were to hard in others lol

The levels on there are rough guidelines and were deliberate (although I did notice a typo "75-rebith" lol) saying what you can handle at those levels, although some of those areas you can level in even after level 65 but it will be much slower, level 65+ for a warrior I would recommend areas like Prajna Temple F5 (E) [Top Right of the map on F4] where there are plenty of monsters to keep you busy, whilst the exp isn't as good in comparison to places like Sunken Temple or Stone Tomb and thus will seem a lot slower, it's still a good place to keep you going as you can solo there and stay for some time because of the mobs dropping pots. The reason I didn't say "66-75" is because that area would keep you on until level 80+. But yeah your right in asking, I wouldn't recommend places like Svaltus Cave to players whose kit isn't that good in the levels of 65-74 as, lets face it, their pots would just get slaughtered and it would be a huge waste of time when in theory you could make the same amount of EXP a SvaltusFighter gives by killing 2 F5E mobs in PT which takes a fraction of the time/pots to kill.
If that doesn't answer your question mate, post back as I have the tendency to be quite unclear with my explanations lol. Too long-winded and boring to read I bet lol.
Thank you very much for this guide, it has helped me get used to this server, with the in game help and forum support, its been a fantastic experience so far! :)