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Level 4 Skills


Sorp when we go going to get level 4 skills, I know you've been prepping all this lovely new content for high levels but we been waiting for 12 months.

Getting fed up of only being able to re tame pets for 60 mins. We've even got a skill that says we can but we can't.

Also can we get inner sight timer upped a little 2 mins seems a bit short now with all the other skills being given a boost.

I would also like an update on the tame time issue, those with dementia / forgetfulness are being discriminated against, forgetting things... pets abandoned and dying alone, unloved... when they could get another hour of life, fully of happyness and joy....

E-shock has grown way out of proportion to what the skill is really intended for. It cries for an endless desire of QOL changes which would end up transforming it into a full blown pet management system. It has already had a significant number of upgrades and really adding more will not solve anything other than to entice more upgrades.
Hi Scorp,

Thanks for the reply. Its more about Nurture than E-Shock.

My point was really that we (players) were of the understanding that level 3 Nurture states "Increases retame time at max skill level". Since we can already retame for 60 mins then this would indicate a higher time than that.

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