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Level 4 books


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Hi, I just discovered that the level 4 books are not generated randomly when you get one drop from a boss, it actually relates to the bosses older versions!

For example

FireThrust book (lvl 0) drops from InsectCave, I got the level 4 version from the new Khazard in Elysian cave (sub rotations)
Mutant mines chilling sword lvl 0, A friend just got the level 4 version from the new Mutant Mines sub in elysian cave.
FireFrenzy drops from Hercules lvl 0, I had this book drop lvl 4 from the new Hercules (sub rotations) and more to come :)

At the beginning I thought a boss would spin a wheel and pick out a random spell to give you level 4, but now i can kinda confirm that its not true every boss or the vast majority of the new subs drop the books that the original ones (low level) drop as level 4.

Also I can confirm that AluChampion doesn't drop any level 4 spells, after killing it for 2 months or so.
Would explain why killing OW, BE and Ghoul for about 20 times yesterday and got nothing.
Would explain why killing OW, BE and Ghoul for about 20 times yesterday and got nothing.
The outside bosses (ely city) drop really low level spells, if you've already got them or some which I assume you do, then you wouldnt get anything even if you killed it loads. + I've killed the same sub over 30 times to get one book its all rng can take ages