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Level 162-166 weapons


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I made this quick little chart up to demonstrate my point


HC and Celestial are correctly better than their similar level equivalent, but my question is, why is the MC jump from the Huoyan range up to the Binghe range such a massive leap then stays the same for the EvilMir range, and Binghe not even being that far below Celestial which really reduces the value of Celestial as people will just use the much cheaper Binghe and only lose a few MC

I'm aware there are more elements to this, Celestial has some other added stats too, as does EvilMir, but just looking at the MC, it feels like the Binghe range should be half way between Huoyan and EvilMir, something more like this...


I'm interested to hear if the 162 Taoist and Warrior weapons are subject to the same pattern
The elements weigh it out though trying to put weapons into a graph like that when you dont take into account any other stats apart from MC is never going to give you the full picture