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Lets talk about Naga Lord


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So as title, Nagalord is a wasted boss. Yes its a suppose to be a group boss and I understand that, however as far as i'm aware it is never killed. Its over-tuned and waste of potential. Naga Elites are over tuned too, they have too much health and damage.

This could be a fun boss for people to kill daily if its just tweaked a bit so that it doesn't require an army to even have a chance at killing it.
Agreed , awesome boss with cool mechanics and its got a bit of skill involved in killing it . Its just not worth it imo. But it doesnt require an army to kill , 151+ tao and a decent kitted wizz can kill it with ease as long as they know how and are willing to spend maybe 30mins + on it
That's very specific needs though for a boss. There aren't many 151 taos in the game. And I dnt feel like any boss should be class specific, they should be able to be killed by all classes.
This reminds me of REL and GM on P69, both neglected and ignored for years until the potential was discovered. Then the forum got flooded with complaints that it dropped too much!

Anyway, point taken. If it's not used, it's pointless
dont get me wrong its a cool boss and i like it , probly only killed between 10-20 since its been here myself so cant judge the drop tables to much,but i think a buff to its drops would be nice
we killd RD tao and war 5star and sens server start no war can stay close to RD or even try to kill miss you :D