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Jewellery salvage


is it me or Jewellery salvage in Phoenix Oasis gone or moved

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ok found it lol
prolly not just you.. cause i notice same thing... The usual npc in PO doesnt give you the option to salv stuff... where has he been move too?
just found out that the npc for jewel salvage been moved too MW armour shop... not happy with this choice.. first it doesn't make sense to have jewel salv in an armour shop and second i have to spend 30 sec extra to get to the npc while as before it was Portal> PO > run down for a sec then u have salv npc... why u keep making my mir life so hard GM? u also did something to designing items cause nothing seems as it was before..
The explanation is with the update notes


ok fair enough..

can you consider adding another NPC to salv armours in same town or shop?? or maybe you can add a npc somewhere in a deep cave that can give you better results... we really value our items when salvaging an there is nothing worse than getting something you don't need. or maybe an npc that can only either give you an essence or design and it not being random. nothing worse than spending 500+ gg on an item hoping for a design and then the sht turns to an essence that you dont need.