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items and gear advice

Hello, i'm a new player. I was just wanting to know if there is a list of locations for farming gear and weapons? I got to level 35 in wooma temple and there were loads of potions and drops and then i done a few farmer quests which boosted me to 56 and now i don't appear to be getting drops from anything and i am geared the same as i was when level 35 from wooma temple.

any help appreciated .
If I was you I'd just keep doing as many farm quests as you can and try get in groups with people a similar level or even a boost from a high level. The game doesn't really start until 110-120.

PM TopBuzzer ingame and I'll help if I'm not busy.
So try to complete as many as the farmer quests as possible.

Gear? Check the local shops. Accessory, blacksmith and drapery in the main spots of tristam, bichoin, arcadia wall to see if you can find pieces of kit about.

If you need some cash try tongs cave. They drop broths that can be sold to the arcadia peddler for 5 to 10k each which will quikly get you enough cash to not worry about pots or being able to afford gear from the shop.

Need to find your own gear as shops are emptt? Start killing a few bosses. Start with mir King in slave cave, ZT and once there easy and warmed up grab a bunch of rts and head over to terror temple kr on 5th or 6th floor. Has like 4 sub bosses and main boss in one room and decent drops of gear for around 50 or 60 I believe. If can't do terror temple give hidden lands a wee peek.

Once done and geared up in 50 to 60 gear the fun starts your push to get as close to 100 as possible increasing chances to get into a guild for some group hunts. To do this hop around and test alot of caves as some caves haven't had their experience reviewed in awhile and are out of sync. Take a peek at the girl in bw sz who can recommend caves for your level but I would take a peek at

*frozen temple
*have a peek at the higher areas when these become a breeze such as some of the 90 to 100 mobs as they can hit hard but some are stronger than others in areas so might be lucky enough to find an area that suits your class and gives you a whack of exp per mob
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