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Invisible people


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Since the reboot i have noticed alot of people going invisible for quite a long time (5-10secs) when u walk or tele into a new map
from what ive seen mobs load instantly as soon as i walk / tele in and out of places but players take a few seconds to appear
in @pvp all players where invisible , at desert throne my grp/guildmembers were invis too , even tho i checked map count and it said 2 ppl in map and could see wizzies fire/frost ground but no players untill a few seconds later
come look now in nl kr :D

because you cant see other players means you can also run thru them etc numerous times lol
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I will do some tests and reboot late tonight (probably) or early tomorrow. It shouldn't last more than 1.5 sec if it is what I think it is
This still happening? Struggling to recreate the issue myself.

Edit: ah it was just Guild/Group after all
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