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Just something I've been thinking about to help new players... a lot of websites and apps these days have a "tutorial" that pops when you first visit or sign in, that greys out most of the screen and highlights one thing with an arrow and a short description, you can click "next" and it'll cycle through all the different features.

Would it be possible to implement something like that, which would explain to users the main parts of the interface (hp/mp bar, exp bar, gold balance, game gold balance, auction house, game shop, chat window etc) but also what a lot of the buttons do, how to open different windows and what they do, and an introduction to the main commands and shortcut keys.

I'm sure that would be a lot of work to do, but it would potentially be really helpful to people who are brand new to the game or have played other servers and are unfamiliar with the Arcadia interface.

Anyone able to offer any thoughts or feedback on this idea?
I like the idea.

It's funny you should say that actually, this is going back a good while now but, I designed a tutorial quest system that would have the character begin in an isolated map and follow a step-by-step tutorial explaining the features of the UI then following it through to learn about; movement, combat, merchants & npcs, gold, spells etc. but all this was going back a while now where most of our player base came across this game from other Mir related platforms so the large majority already knew the basics so we put the idea on the back burner as other things came up. But I suppose now that we're seeing a larger influx of new players, it might not be a bad move.
Easiest way would be to make an image that fills the screen, cut out the particular section and then overlay the screen.
It makes it awkward to make changes to the interface though and that is what I want to do - it needs to be fluid so we can finally go widescreen.

There is a feature that limits the interface options and unlocks them at certain points / levels - unless that was just on RotA? I can't remember..

Alternatively there are glows that can occur over buttons, which is a more fluid design and allows easy changes

I think realistically there needs to be a whole new rebuild of 0-100 content with all this in mind and all old quests / achievements ripped out and redone
By far the most common one I get is how to use different chats, ally chat especially, but also normal guild chat. Most people, even experienced, seem to struggle with ally chat. It seems simple enough to you and me but I wonder if there is maybe an easier/quicker way to do it, I think I've seen every wrong combination imaginable and even some that aren't. If you think people typing stuff like !~!#@dragons is unusual, it isn't! I also had someone yesterday who's keyboard didn't have a tilde (~) on it, and their English wasn't very good, I spent 20 minutes with them trying to explain how to click on the chat options button, but they just couldn't find it. I was thinking maybe some kind of detection if you type something that looks like a command but isn't a valid command, then it could pop that menu up as if you'd clicked it, so people who are struggling get an automatic nudge in the right direction.

Where is the auction house? Once people know about it, it's easy of course, but I get asked a lot about how to find it, maybe needs pointed out? Many new players don't even know it exists.

Where is 'X' quest NPC, the answer to that question is already highlighted nicely on the mini map, and also easy to find in the quest log, but it seems a lot of people who ask me don't know those elements exist. There's plenty ways to open the quest log, why don't people figure it out? I don't know why they need to ask, but they do.

I'd say that's the ones that I'd focus on, as I feel like I've explained those 2 things about a million times each

Some other various thoughts...

Loving that the help screen loads you straight into the forum, is there any way to have you auto logged in? I think people are far more likely to post if they don't have to hunt for a login button, log in, and then try to remember what they were searching for. Are a lot of people visiting the forum in this way?

And a little selfish one while I'm here...

Is there any way to have an option to "lock" the skill bar, so you can't move it and clicking on it doesn't open the skills window? I'm under the impression most people have it hidden, but I change my keys around for each different place I hunt and sometimes I need a quick reminder of how I've set them, so I like to keep it open, but I'm always clicking on it by accident and it's a pest having to close the window and move the bar back when you're fighting stuff.
Locking the skill bar would be great , i like to keep it open as im always changing kits / spells mid hunts and accidentally clicking on it and having it load up the skill window is a pain .
Thanks, will look into it

Agree about the skill bar, annoys me too but no one complained so I didn't bother thinking about it
Just a little easy tip on the skill box opening, you can just press Esc key and it closes it, same with your bags and gameshop and everything really, except if you have browser open (buying gg or forum help menu) - back to the skill bar - moving it by accident can be annoying, but it is a quick and easy drag to the right to fix it, never seems to get it back in the same place though so it takes a few mins for my eyes to fade it off back into the background.