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Instant health potion seller


I could’ve been imagining this but I’m sure when I started playing a few weeks ago I clicked on an NPC that sold or made a potion that instantly restored 3k hp(or something high like that), for about 100k.

Did I imagine this or not? If not where is the NPC, cos I can’t remember!
It's in prajna village, up and right from portal, you need to collect some ingredients I think it ends up costing about 300k per pot which is a lot for what it is, good to keep 1 or 2 on you for emergencies though I guess
Ah sweet never knew about these pots lol only know about the good old sun pots !

Aye they are just basically giant sunpots lol

I think the ingredients to make one are (I might be wrong, this is from memory lol)

2 antibiotic moss
1 dark devil horn
1 HP pot (L)
1 MP pot (L)
1 sunpot(M)
1 sunpot(L)
50k gold