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insect tooth !

Can anyone tell me where i can find an insect tooth (trying to finish some quests) i have been in insect cave lots of times but only ever found insect leg and eyeball, any help appreciated thank you.
2nd this! I spent ages on noobs and main char looking but couldn’t find! Shouted in game to buy but never had me luck
It might only be certain floors, I'll have a look, I'm sure I remember seeing insect tooth in insect cave before but was over a year ago I did these quests so maybe my memory is fuzzy
it used to come from there but the mobs are not there anymore so how we surposed todo the trist quest whith no insect tooth available??
What a cunt who put that in... there needs to be price caps for certain items in Auction it's a joke at times... I bet that would be difficult to do though.
On a better note they must be dropping then? Did you go all the way through the floors in insect cave to the jibumbas and kill there ?
I go in there nearly every day NEVER found one ,eye balls, legs but never a tooth and the 'bosses' in there drop same as ordinary insects , cant even get the jibumbas bones i want for another quest.....c'est la vie
im 90% sure its from Jibumas in GuildCastle Basements so , I'd put this Q on hold tbh

A lot of people complained about not being able to do quests unless they were in one of the top guilds, so he moved those drops into other places (jibuma drops now available in insect cave for example) also changed drops so the "rare" minerals were available as drops in 4F/5F in mutant mines instead of having to actually mine for them which was boring as

I'm sure it was around a year ago, give or take

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Oh my.... almost a year to the date, damn my memory :D