i bought GG and it never appeared in my bag | The Legend of Mir

i bought GG and it never appeared in my bag


2 nights ago i bought 200gg to buy a wepon :)

i bought 150 and 50 but the 150 didnt drop in so had to rebuy it to complete the deal... still no GG in my bag?

moneys gone out

Can anyone help


Did you buy it ingame or via the website? Is it possible you put the wrong character name in the box?
Please check your emails as we always send a follow up if we cannot process the GameGold.
Either that or reply to the PayPal receipt
Warda is on it for me :)

private message seems to have worked

still waiting on the GG

bought through the game and i have a paypal recirept to dispute if you guys cant do it...

im not to fussed as long as it gets resolved :)
Was there an obvious cause? This type of thread comes up a lot tbh, does the web page need to clearer?
Agree with Alsiral, it would be interesting to hear what exactly the problem and solution both were, so maybe us community members can help others who have the same issue in the future without having to bother the GMs
I think people are going from the GameShop to PayPal, then going back to the GameShop (to change the price or whatever) and forgetting to update the character name box

Either way we have always sent an email asking for the character name but sometimes people are not noticing that email