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How to start A Hero Reborn?

I've looked it up and I think there's a prerequisite to do a 3 man dungeon? Is this right?

If so, is there any chance of getting a couple more to help me out at the weekend possibly? :p Perhaps alts who need to do it?

Go to GI RYOONG and press V to see the large map. On the map you'll see a (!) where the npc is. You need exactly 3 people to get in. With the influx of people rejoining due to the event and recent advertising it shouldn't be hard to find someone to go with, have a shout or two around town and someone will join you.
Thanks I'll give that a go and see how it works out sometime this weekend. I've just bought some GG for that health regen plus a sub for a month because despite my difficulties I'm enjoying myself. Just need to find a guild for chat when grinding! It seems that not many players read the forums perhaps there's another gathering point like discord or something? I see nobody talking in game they must all be doing it in private
I'd love to invite you to FL but we're full up at the moment, maybe try joining one of more newbie friendly guilds for the mean time, I see a lot of recruitment shouts in BW. Those guilds will likely be less active but its better than nothing. I'll keep you in mind if a space becomes available