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HolyOmamori auto-equip


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I bought 4 of these from PhoenixWall yesterday, says they last 7 days.
They have literally just spam my chat "HolyOmomori has been auto-equipped" and all disappeared lol? 450k each! Can this be looked into, I have no idea why that happened.

Also tried uploading image of chat for proof - why is a screenshot 3mb and that is too big of a image size to upload to the forum capped at less than 1mb
Regards the screenshots, they are saved as BMP because it's easier to verify authenticity, only down side of BMP is they take up a relatively large amount of space. Open your screenshhot in ms paint or something and re-save as PNG, then it should be a lot smaller and will be possible to upload. If it's still over 1MB then go back into paint and crop the image to show only the bits you need

About the actual question, it seems to be that people sell them back to shop when they are part used but running out of time to get some money back on them, but the shop displays them in order of shortest life first. When you see HolyOmomori in the list it will say 7 days, then you click on it and have a lot to pick that all seem the same, but hover over them and you'll see the ones at the top will be close to expiry, scroll to the bottom to get ones that last the full 7 days
My man.. I'll be more careful and see if it happens again.

You're lucky I'm gonna let you off that 1.8million gold this time Andy, but next time I might not be so lenient!