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Heroes Village salvage


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Hi scorp just thought could you add the NPC salvage feature to salvage armors/boots/helm etc, atm it can only salvage jewelries, don't wanna go town hopping to do certain salv, thought it was introduced for our convenience, also i'm always on pots and wanna do all in 1 town as i waste no time when i am able to play, thanks :lemo:
it seems certain items arent recognised by the vendor , either to sell / salvage or repair . Ive only had trouble with any 158+ item. E.g i have a normal Shihuo belt i wanna sell, but the armour NPC says you cannot sell this item here. Same with a few other items
Oh I see what you mean. Actually the jeweller wasn't supposed to be doing everything, just jewellery, that's a bug!
You mean all on 1 NPC?

Yeah since we can sell armor/jewelries. And also recently added salvage for jewelry only, so is it possible to add salv for armor/boots etc. All in 1 NPC or all in 1 town, maybe add some more NPC.