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Just wanted to say hey, I'm new to Mir, well I played it a little back in the GameNetwork days but I'm sure I didnt get higher than 22 or something. I was mainly a Soma player but anyway. Really enjoying Arcadia, nice quest chains and from singular NPCS too! Enjoying it so far, level 62 ish. I don't want donations but thank you whoever it was that donated 1million to me on my first day.
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Welcome to Arcadia, seems like you're doing good so far. Glad you're enjoying the game.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us all on the forum.
We have a great community of experienced players with a plethora of knowledge I'm sure some will be willing to share with you. There are a few guides on the forum for a few of the games' features and an NPC named "Ashley" can be found in the center of Bichon Wall who can give you some rough pointers where to be hunting up until level 120.

Good luck!
Welcome along! I also played Myth of Soma, good times! No camping the linen npc here though, you'll be glad to know :D Loved showing off to noobs by killing wraiths naked hehehe

I'd be happy to answer any (reasonable) questions you have, just give me a message ingame any time, my character names are below. If I don't respond I'm probably at work or sleeping, but I'll do my best to get back to you

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You didn't mention what class you've started with, if you are a wizard then give my guide a read, it's a sticky on this board