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Guild cave bug - can open multiple caves at once

Just wanted to bring it to your attention scorp that theres a bug where multiple instances of GC can be opened at once. This was an issue the other night as two separate leaders went to open it and ended up opening two at once by mistake. Both were individual instances and had separate timers. This was a problem as we needed to rush around both, in the hours time, to try kill the bosses and subs and ended up leaving alot of subs in both caves. For members collecting ely ores this is the main source at the moment so this was annoying.

Could this be looked into and a simple change of only one cave open at a time implemented so that this mistake cant happen again.
I know it prevents single users from opening more than one very hour but that was more to prevent accidental clicks.

Having two leaders open two dungeons is more of a Guild management thing in my opinion. If you want to then you can but leaders should really take charge there..