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What’s everyone’s opinions of the New super bosses added 6 months ago. I tell you mine. It’s a complete joke. It’s spawned like 6 times since it was introduced to the game.
He's scared of you.

I'll check rates and maybe adjust

Since the last reboot I’ve killed circa 100 eye of Gruumsh. I haven’t seen one rare item. Few unis but that’s it. I can’t help but compare it to if I’d killed 50 jotunn assassins and 50 svaltus guardians. I would be balling right now but I’m not. It actually costs gg to hunt orc caves.

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Bare in mind that guardians and assassins rs on exactly the same spot exactly the same time every hour. Eye of Gruumsh rs in a totally random location and must be found. It hurts more, drops less and gives less guild build points and less demon souls.