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Grief play?


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Now I get that MIR is PvE and PvP.

I get that we don't all play in the same way.

I get that this game has some 'decent' players who will PK if they come across someone from an opposite guild, or if fighting for a boss, but that doesn't necessarily make them a monster.

I get that there are no pk zones and that I have access to RT's and a H key.

I get all the above and I get that I suck at PvP!

That's why I gear up for PvE. Thats why I play PvE. See a PKor in the field, away I tele.

That's also why I also try to mostly hunt no pk zones (other than good old Bug Cave).

So what does one particular PKor do? If in a pk zone he / she RT's around 'looking' for that player. If in a no pk zone, he / she rt's then comes and stands beside you (while you are busy fighting a stubborn red) and luring cry's mobs.

Grief play?

BTW, both situations end up with me dropping items. Items I have paid my hard earnt money for. Good for the PKor. Bad for me. Cheap play wins, I loose. Fun?
Thats sad to hear.. It's a fine line, see the thing is no matter what there will always be a way to step on that line in this game.
It really is draining on mir when you can't just get stuck in and play, without someone wanting to pk you or steal the boss, but at the same time the game isn't half as enjoyable without the pvp side.

For each player that hates pvp there is one that loves it. LuringCry is a good spell for lvling, but also as shown in your case a good spell for encouraging more mobs on to a struggling playing to f them up. I don't think any rules were really broken here other than one guy being a dick.
Unfortunately, I think this player does more than love PvP. He more loves ruining someone else's game; hence the RT'ing around to find a player and, if in a no PK zone, luring on the player. I think, for me, that is the lowest play, knowing that GM has decided an area should be no player kill but still being determined to kill a player (or force that player to do an action that they did not want i.e. RT or TT).

That's the one that steps over the line and constitutes, in my opinion, grief play.