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GP Entry Caves

Hey Peeps,

A couple of years ago when I played my Tao, the only GP caves that were really functional were BDP & RDP - get a bunch of mates together, pay your 100 GP entry, hours of fun.

All the other caves/events that claimed to require GP were bugged and didn't actually take any off you, and it's great to see that all these have been fixed and that new ones have been added & improved.

I also see that now, you need to be in a party to progress through the floors in BDP/RDP, presumably because people were getting to level where it was easy enough to solo the first few floors and then lock people out for hours on end. Fair enough.

I tend to favour BDP since I know if I spend the full 4 hours there, I'm going to more often than not, be happy with my return on spending 100 GP in terms of gold/items/xp/gp earned.

Going to the other GP caves like Paradise, Naga, HoA is all fine and good and it's great for building guild GP, the xp is great and I wouldn't suggest that in those places you start to earn personal GP since this needs to stay balanced.

What I would like to see implemented is perhaps something like BDP/RDP but restricted specifically to solo play. Pay a GP premium for entry, get a 2 hour time limit to power through 6 floors or whatever, make it a challenge, but a challenge where you know you're going to be happy with your return on investment, regardless of whether you get all the way through or not.
Go to ice temple.. u can solo all the way to floor 4.. its pretty relaxed with hardly any interruption and would take you 2-3 hours to get there solo and the exp is pretty much the same if not more..