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Help Request GorgonTuskBlade Upgrade


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I'm looking to upgrade this weapon I know how to get "OrcSpiritStone", "GorgonTusk", but where do I find "Horns Of Obould"?


Combine OrcFleshstone(L), OrcMindstone(L) and OrcBloodstone(L) to make OrcSpiritStone. You'll need 2 of those for first upgrade

Combine 3x OrcSpiritStone to make OrcSpiritRune, you'll need 2 of those for second upgrade

GorgonTusk drops from Gorgon, random spawn in ForgottenRealm (orc GP cave)

HornsOfObould drops from KingObould, boss in the middle of the cliffs on last floor of ForgottenRealm. Kill all the Watchspiders to spawn him