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GM can this be looked into


1) Temple of Ancients 7th be made RT'able / Tele'able, too time consuming and a bore running to subs
2) Rev ring dura 0/8 but still shows 1/8 until u take it off
3) Whirlwind be casted without stacking on each other, sometimes i get only 1x or 2x, might be stacked is my guess, on lvl 3 skill

Number 2 has killed me a few times and I believe its a bug related to dura pots.

Whats worse is, the buff still shows on your bar that rev is active but you flop dead. I’ve yet to recreate it on video, but when I do I’ll update this thread. Lord knows when that will be though.
no1 on this aint going to happen its part of the game , if you want to check the subs then put the work in and walk around ......
Yep that's what i thought was relevant when it was first introduced but nowadays most KR/subs room u can tele or rt straight to it, just suggest it might need a change