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Welcome to Mir Arcadia!

Getting Started & FAQs


Mir Arcadia first opened it's doors in April 2013, following the success of it's sister server 'Project 69'.

Boasting over 18 beautifully remastered provinces, a plethora of caves and dungeons with many new and unique bosses & minions, loot and so much more, Mir Arcadia offers thousands of hours worth of content for you to explore and discover. Experience some never before seen custom features to improve your gameplay - everything from; custom crafting & alchemy, to highly customisable companion systems, kill chains and so much more!

If you haven't yet downloaded Mir Arcadia, what are you waiting for?

Download Here!

No trial. No pay walls. Free to play.

Mir Arcadia has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming at times to some.
Feel free to take a look at some useful tips and tricks to help get you started.


As stated in the Getting Started guide above, it is recommended that you begin by approaching 'Emily' to begin the tutorial questline.

The tutorial will help you grasp the basics of the game - from combat and spells, to item management and equipment.


By the end of the Emily tutorial questline, your characters will be well equipped with suitable equipment, spells and potions to begin your journey. At this point, Emily will also give you some advice on where to continue your journey. How you decide to proceed is up to you. There are many different hunting grounds to choose from, as well as an assortment of tasks that Farmer would ask you to assist him with - in return, he will reward you with a large amount of experience points to help progress your character further.

Upon completing the tutorial, your character should be around the 40-55 level mark. At this point, your main areas to be hunting can be found in: Arcane Wall & Mongchon. Further information on these provinces and other recommended level zones can be found by speaking to Ashley, found in Bichon Wall safe zone (337:251).

Each town or city has it's own Portal Device for free and easy transportation to the neighbouring villages, dungeons or caves. Equally, you can simply press "H" to access to town portal menu to safely get back to town.


The Farmer:

If you decide to approach the Farmer, he can be found in the center of Bichon Wall (350:272).

The Farmer offers a variety of different tasks for you to complete - from eliminate and collect, zone clearout, donations, exploration and more, in exchange for experience points.


Be aware, while the farmer's tasks will reward you with experience, he does not reward you with equipment, spells or cash. It is recommended you also explore and hunt in some of the recommended level regions to ensure your equipment and spells kept up to spec so you can continue your farmers quests with minimal difficulty.


Hunting is a fundamental part of character development, that's why there is heavy emphasis on exploration. There are many areas for you to hunt relative to your level. For further guidance on where to level as you progress, Ashley in the Bichon Wall safe zone (337:251) can point you in the right direction.


Ashley offers a basic guideline to the recommended hunting zones for specific character classes and level regions - while these are only a guideline, you may find other areas are more suitable than others.

We encourage players to explore the game, test and experiment to find a play style that suits them and look for areas that they find better than others. You can also find some gear up to level 90 in the Bichon Wall shops if you struggle. Not the cheapest, so make sure to be out there hunting to get the cash necessary to buy it!

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Re: Getting Started & FAQs

Struggling for cash? While you're hunting, don't always assume the commonly dropped items are worthless. If you have plenty of space in your bag, why not fill it? Most monsters will drop Arcamon food or potion ingredients. These can fetch a small trickle of income, which in the long run, can make a big difference. The stronger the cave, the better the ingredients, the higher the price they fetch on the market.



Not all items are valuable, but you can always collect them anyway and have them valued at the towns merchants so you know for next time. Not all merchants buy every item, certain specialist merchants will only buy certain items from you - such as; clothing merchants will only buy armour pieces, weapon merchants will only buy weapons etc. Most towns have a variety of different merchants you can sell your products to, some offers specialist abilities such as item socketing and item salvaging.


As we've already pointed out, exploration is key to character development. We encourage our player base to get out there and discover the many different zones/dungeons/caves/towns that Arcadia has to offer. There are a variety of secrets to discover hidden beneath the surface as well. Not only will this help you better navigate the game, but will help you adapt to a play style that suits you.

Whilst exploring does come with risk, some areas may be way too high for you. Don't worry though, you can easily scope out if a target is too strong for you or not.
Simply highlight a target and hold CTRL to view it's stats.


Coupled with Right-Click, you can also access the social menu whilst highlighting players. View other player's equipment, get a feel for which direction you need to be facing. Group up with others, form guilds and other stuff if you don't want to battle alone.

Smart Loot/Experience System:

Our loot system in this game isn't the typical loot system found in other variants of Legend of Mir. Our smart loot system rewards players relative to the level and class of the items/spells they are hunting for. The same applies to experience gains relative to your character level. What this means is, players who are relative to the level of the area they are hunting in will profit more than a person who is not level-relative to that area.

With this in mind, don't expect top level areas to level you up insanely fast. You will actually find areas relative to you to be far more productive. Not just in an experience context, but also from a loot perspective. Not to say that, if you out-level that area you won't get anything, but your chances won't be nearly as good. The same will apply to acquiring spells - if you don't have the spell and are hunting for it, you're more likely to find it than someone who already has it or is a different class.

The smart loot/experience system aims to ensure players are not simply skipping content by jumping to the top areas expecting to become maxed out overnight. Instead, we reward those working through the content as intended.


Items dropped to the floor feature a distinct colouration or glow to help you easily distinguish them from each other. You'll notice above, spells drop with a brown/yellow text, unidentified items will drop in red text with a red glow, superior items (stat added items) drop with a faded grey and all other common items drop with the default white/grey text.

Re: Getting Started & FAQs

Magic Items:

There are a large variety of item stats currently in the game. While this may seem scary, don't worry, you don't need to memorise them all - you'll learn which work best for you. The best thing is, the item system is very diverse and offers players the ability to customise their loadouts and go for a setup that suits their needs. There isn't a "best kit" or a "best stat to use", try out different stats and see what works. Player's didn't realise how useful the Damage Reduction stat was for years after it's release!

You're going to come across items like this.


These magic items are depicted by stars below their names and grant the wearer additional bonuses that don't appear on their standard variants.
For more information on the stat types, click here.

Something you will find in the field are unidentified items. These are items whose stats remain a mystery until they are identified with an appropriate scroll. The item cannot be used until it's stats are revealed.


You can reveal an item's stats by using an Identification Scroll, often found at the peddler in Tristram under the "Misc" tab.


Reveal it's stats to gain a nice healthy bonus, or a curse!



Taoists have certain spells that require an Amulet or a Poison Bag to be equipped before it can be used. Amulet and Poison in this game work the same, however, now feature additional stats that other classes can utilise also.

Larry in Border Town (Bichon Wall) sells amulets/poison up to level 30.
Head to Woomyon Wall reagent store where Eugene will provide amulets/poison level 60-80 (and some select special ones which are more expensive).
And the Peddler at Phoenix Wall will provide you with amulets post level 90.


And like we said, Amulets aren't just for Taoists now. Omamoris hold elemental bonuses too so other classes can gain the stat benefits from them too!

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Re: Getting Started & FAQs

Repair/Special Repair:

Your items over time will continue to degrade through prolonged use. There are two ways items can be repaired.

Standard Repair - items will be repaired fully but there is a risk their maximum durability will be lowered. This option is cheaper.
Special Repair - items will be repaired fully and there is NO risk of losing durability. This option is more expensive and only a handful of merchants are skilled enough to perform this.


Once an items durability reaches 0, it will become ineffective. This will also affect any items that grant special abilities (such as Paralysis/Protection/Clear etc.) so make sure you keep them topped up.


Heroes Quest:

The Three Heroes Quest is a test of teamwork. Pitted against two caves and a 2-floor temple, you and two other players must work together to rid the area of all evil. You and your team need to be level 60 and above to participate, but if you do, make your way to Gi-Ryoong and head towards Woomyon Wall on the minimap, where you will find a Dying Guard that will instruct you to cleanse the evil.


Once you have assembled your team, make sure you are prepared and ready to clear the evil. It's going to be a long haul!
Be aware, once you are inside the Heroes Quest, you cannot respawn/relog, you must complete the quest in one sitting so make sure you are ready.
If you exit out of the quest, or you die, you will not be able to rejoin your team - you must start again so take extra care.

If you are successful, you will be rewarded with a toggle-able Hero status from the Mudwall Trader. You will be granted access to Heroesville, a tranquil idyllic corner of the world where some of the most skilled traders are found (namely, special repair ability) and the Farmer will entrust you with more tasks to progress your character further.

Arcamon Pet System:

You don't need to be a Wizard or a Taoist to have pets, everyone can have one! The Arcamon Pet System is a highly customisable pet system that allows players to tailor a specific pet to their liking, with a series of food available to help them grow a specific way. They can be summoned into battle at any point, providing your pet has enough lives.


Arcamon can be found in many different hunting zones across the world, sometimes they will blend in with other monsters. Pay close attention to any monster that happens to run away from you at lightning speed, that's not normal behaviour, right? (Make sure you hit them)

Once you have captured the Arcamon egg, you can begin to feed it with a selection of food sources to help it grow. Some Arcamon are able to evolve into stronger variants with different magical abilities.


More information on the Arcamon Pet System can be found here.

Good luck out there!

Don't be afraid to reach out to us and the community on the forum or in game.
While these are only a few features to help get you started, Mir Arcadia has much more to offer which you will more than likely come across in your endeavours.
Make sure to check out some of the other features in game too.

Crafting & Salvaging
Zade's Nooby Wiz Guide

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Re: Getting Started & FAQs

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