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gem's upgrade


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hey there i was thinking this 50% luck to make orbs is ok but most of the time it just fails so i have been messing about with my brain LOL yes brain

How about haveing other way to upgrade gems to orbs 100% without failing wait for it ......

lets say u have 3 of the same gem why not upgrade from the hammer in the bag of the invt so u would have 1 orb but it would give you a 100% upgrade

3 of the same gems for 1 orb === just like we do for chipped, runes and crystal stones

i think this little thing would be great to the game
Nah, wouldn't be fun if players be able to max out orbing on items too fast, just let the 50% success rate be
tbh most players find it hard to get 3 gems the same within 2 days as they break with in the time so they not going to make them as fast as get them
The idea is fine in principle, we use that on RotA.
We try to balance between dead certs and random rewards. For Arcadia I think this is best suited to the game.
It also means you don't feel forced to find 2x more gems under pressure
.... i see but what am saying what about haveing both as it will boost the ah on people buying gems on ah just to get 3 gems for 1 orb or med grind oils to try there luck ... :) but people will not rush or feel bad if they cant get 3 gems due to buying them say 3 magic gems 600k orb sells for 800k if lucky people will make money and it will defo build the game va gold sells and should help with the gg market

but i know as u say this will not happen just wanted to get it of my brain at it was a big big popup lol