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Gems disintegrating


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Hi Scorpion
There is still a problem with gems and there hours usable. I have 2 gems now that have 19 and 20 hours left on them and you cannot put the stall down. When I remove them from the stall it then works with the other valid items on it. So it is not a problem with the stall but the gems.
If I try to store it I get a box come up with:
1) You cannot store this item
When I traded it to another char I could see it in my trade box then in the other chars trade box you could NOT see the gem and when the trade was clicked nothing appears in the wallet. It vanished with 19 hours still on it!
Please test this out and see for yourself.
It has nothing to do with time and where I am in the world as they were improved then after the recent update they have gone wrong again.
Thx in advance
Have you reloaded your bag? It sounds like they don't exist (ghost items). When were they supposed to expire?