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Hey there Andy and people :)

i was sitting here thinking about the gamegold within game the price keep going up and down and we all hate it when it hits rock bottem i was thinking about this...

Adding a NPC within the game were u can go to trade your gold bars and others for GameGold .... this will stop the price of gamegold dropping and makeing the game unfair for alot of new players they get told 10mil will make 35gg but now it is like 25 to 30gg so if we can sell the gold bars to NPC we can make 35gg per bar and so on and them higher lvl players that run out of gold will have to pay 35 or higher for a gold bar ..... my self i see this is a way of stopping the fall within goldbar sales with in the game but at the same time the game mite take a hit from people buting GG of the webpage but am just trying to find a way to get the game 50/50%

and before you say anything Zade if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all <3

thanks for reading
From my admittedly noobish view of the game and it's players I believe there is a lot of people willing to do very tedious and boring tasks for hours on end. (I've seen you! The players who sit at a boss all day)

As such I think a lot of the player base who have stuck around would rather farm 10m and sell to the NPC then ever buy GG again even at a lower price than some players would pay. (I might be wrong let me know)

While a player like myself would benefit a lot from such an NPC as I'm a stingy git when it comes to spending money I don't believe it's something that should be put into the game.
GM monitors the gold bar prices and makes regular small adjustments as necessary to keep things balanced. Yes the value of gold bars is fairly low right now but as you say, they do see-saw, and will go up again in time.

I find it highly unlikely GM would put any means of generating GG without using paypal, as that would directly impact his income.
This is akin to printing money :highly_amused: it would make things worse, prices fluctuate due to input and demand, both of which change regularly. Demand of Gold has recently dropped, while supply has increased. Ultimately it is not the value of GameGold that has dropped but the value of Gold
The value of gold has dropped because of these bloody GP caves that everyone wanted. Disable AH in them because people are putting every flower and food on AH for below the price it sells to shop, so they collect enormous amounts of gold as they go along, and low levels are buying them from AH and selling straight to shop and raking in profits. This hugely increases the amount of gold circulating in the game to the point that nobody is needing to buy gold bars, hence the price drop, just supply and demand.