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Question game taking 2 much cpu etc


havent played for years after being busy with real life issue, trying to come back n have a bit of fun, it turn out that the game itself was taking so much cpu, didnt have this problem when using same computer couple years ago(2017/2018) didnt remember exactly year lol, my toaster cant handle playing the game while vlc music playing on the background cutting off and on lol. the game is running fine but cant play with music player on :/:miserable:
any1 else have similar problem...have no problem on other server tho.
The game used to run single threaded (most other servers still do, probably all of them actually), but to allow the game to take advantage of more modern CPUs to provide higher frame rate and smoother running, the game client was updated around a year or two ago. The change was beneficial to those with higher end PCs but to those on budget machines it can cause the game to use more CPU than it used to (all of it) so you have no availability for other applications.

To play in "old mode" you can limit the CPU usage. Go to task manager and click the details tab, find the Mir application, right click on it and select 'Set Affinity', then you can untick some of your CPU cores, so it will only use the ones ticked, leaving the others available for background tasks. This may cause a drop in frame rate though, so use with caution.