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Frost tiger FOOD

Which food to use on which pet is an eternal debate, but for tigers INT seems to be overwhelmingly the most popular stat to maximise
100 % depends on what you want to use your tiger for.

If you want to take advantage of the ranged attack (pvp mainly) then load up on intel, this is a popular option.

I made an all rounder and used for 4 years and no complaints

If you want to use for bosses then this works well as it takes some punishment but still freezes mobs and deals melee damage
Wasn’t frost tiger nerfed in pvp? The freeze time was limited a while ago so no matter how much intelligence it has, it can’t surpass a certain amount of seconds as at one point some tigers were freezing people for circa 12 seconds.

I don’t think higher intel increases frequency of freeze either.. so you’re probably better off using HP food if you’re going to use for pvp.

Otherwise if you’re wanting PvE then I don’t think freeze merge effects that?

Correct me if I am wrong.. FT I think all rounder is probably best and easiest option.