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Extermination meter on Taos


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I seem to barely ever get this filled up, and the only time i do is when i have a OP wizz smashing all the mobs for me lol. Recently got a Eradication wep hoping this would help me get to the x2 mythics but i still can barely get there.

Just wondered if any other taos struggling and if there could be a slight tweak to it as our kill speed is just so slow.
I can fill mine depending where I hunt but there's a huge difference between taos and the other 2 classes. Mine fills up incredibly quick when grpd with wiz or war
I've kept it at 10+ on my warrior in the present grottos and that includes losing some every time I tele out. Try harder :p
For me to get a full bar on a warrior I would need to buy 3x town teleport, have enough bag space and pots to last me couple of maps, make sure all my pets are repaired and then I use 2x small 1x medium presents (halfway) to get full bar, but then after that i find it really hard to keep the bar full.. most supers or champs that i get too and by the time i kill them the bar drops a bit which is well annoying.. so its hard to catch a super or champ with full bar.. I only managed it once.

also using killchain weapon helps alot.. the damage you lose on the kill chain weapon can be quite a bit but u can make it up with buying a GG pot..
@zade thats your warrior tho not ur tao :p , maybe im just being a noob tho ill see if i can smash it today lol.

@Scorp its a private dungeon! give me a clone and ill lvl with him ;p
I struggle too... Can fill it slowly in tomb but as soon as you come across a Bile it’s back to being empty lol