ExperienceOrb(XL) | The Legend of Mir



I got 1 of these today and as I've only played for a couple of months had no idea what it did.

Used it before a hunt in Naga Ruins (just in case it was an exp boost) and received 5000 exp... Is this an item that needs removing from the drops or is that wrong?

I would've been pissed to only get that much exp back on the original Euro Dragon server...
This is a very old item from the original game that never received any updates. In it's time it was a welcome boost but these days it's not the most useful to say the least. The old systems could only utilise a 2-byte unsigned integer (maximum value of 65535) so they were pretty limited in their usage, for mid-high rate servers like it was before, even a value of 65k was fairly useless.