EvilMir | The Legend of Mir


As hardest boss in game with the longest run, longest time to kill , thought it would be a bit better than that..

lvl 160+ to drop 120 items ?
Noticed since reboot pb mobs dropping normal gems used to drop pure gems.

Maybe the drop files been messed up as fox items was dropping in loki too.
when loki was re-done the 5f version kept the same drop files as old loki.

old RD dropped as low as direwolf, its probably been copied over with additions put in.
Looks like you haven’t made it to EM yet hence the ass wiping huh!! It’s ok son you shall make it to EM soon once it’s classed low level boss.

I haven’t been to EM so i ass wipe? ok i’ll accept whatever logic in that comment haha :biggrin-new: