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Elemental stats


Bit of a question around elemental stats.

This is the description copy and pasted from Guide.

“Increases the damage output of all Elemental Damage affected abilities and overall effectiveness of defensive abilities. Will not increase base stats, but merely add more damage to the existing stats. DC/SC/MC will not be increased/decreased but will factor into damage output.“

It’s the overall effectiveness of defensive abilities I would like to know about? Any one know what it means or how having higher elemental stat effects defensive abilities?
I lack English and do not understand what Elemental damage does!
However, I have been told that it increases your dark damage fire damage ice damage holy damage and lightning damage
Yep I got that far as well, if that’s all it did then that would be fine, it’s the description around “defensive abilities “ that intrigues me
You can see on the stats page (screenshot below) it tells you your total calculated element damages and defences. For example here you see element damage 11.5% adds 11.5% to each of the five elements which you can see on the "magic damage" section. The five defence elements are exactly the same on both screens, so clearly isn't affected by element damage.

On that basis I'd say any mention of it as a defensive stat is probably just an error. Unless it's referring to tao skills that increase your defence stats, as those skills will be improved by tao having more elemental damage, but that's a bit of a stretch at best, it probably doesn't mean that. My money is still on it being an error in the help text.

Seems to make sense.

Maybe change the elemental stat to work for both magic attack and defend then? At the moment everyone goes for high dps so naturally won’t use the elemental sockets
Haha fair enough. Warda’s one stats and items (sticky) think the wording just needs editing or made a touch clearer

Sorry I should have been clearer, my explanations are terrible at the best of times.

By "defensive abilities" I'm referring to spells such as BlessedArmour/UltimateEnhancer/SoulShield etc.

I'll make some amendments to the wording of some things in the guide, it does need updating anyway. Thanks for the heads up though!

Edit: guide updated!