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Easter cave reviews ?


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Ok so I'm stuck in work bored and curious as fuck to get home and get exploring this 15 floor dungeon .

I'm guessing any1 on is too busy in exploring it and won't be sitting on forums , but if your doing both then please shed me some insight :)
Same boat mate, I'm sitting at work waiting for people to post interesting things on the forum :D

Had a few mins this morning so ran through a few floors, was very easy, hopefully the later floors are a bit of a challenge!
First 3 floors is shite for us, hoping it's better when we get a bit deeper. Lowest mobs are like lvl 141 so no exp if you're 155+ but some of them are like 150 so you'll still get some exp, similar exp to tomb but the mobs die quicker. Hope the deeper floors we can get some big lures going
Yep that's what I'm hoping for aswell lol , I wanna be ball deep in a lure potting and spamming cop like my life depended on it just as I was during Christmas event
Just do what I do find a low level tao (under 120) and let them leech drops and exp as long as they are good at healing and buffing (and reviving lol)

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Plus it's good to have some banter now I'm in a loner guild and nobody else understands how ally chat works. I say hi on ally chat and get 5 pms in response. Like fs trying to spark a convo can't do it like that lol
Yeh a have a noob Tao called regal who's good for that , he's only Tao that can keep up with my hunting pace and tactics .

Haha yeh I can only imagine how lonely it must be with no guild chat
Exp not bad around 250k per mob,at level 157. plenty of blue and red mobs, gozillas worth 425k, plenty of herbs.. So thumbs up so far..
Also dropping 146 plus items, would suggest you take mps and hps none drop. Only done 1st 4 floors.
Well done GM and team so far.
Best wishes