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Dungeons and Dragons Maze


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Made these maps 2 years ago, initially only shared with guild, but I think they are floating around on the forum somewhere, so figured might as well just make it easy to find. Sounds like the routes will be changing for next year anyway so no harm done :)

Enjoy, folks!

Maze 1
Start bottom left, follow the red circles to get to 5F
If you bounce or get stuck, follow D>C>B>A to get back to start and try again

Maze 2
Start bottom right, follow the green arrows to get to 5F
If you bounce or get stuck you will end up in one of the red rooms, from there you cannot get back to the green areas
Quest NPC is in second green room (where the [2] arrow is)
2 years ago phew time flies!
So it was 2 years ago we was loving this event and KR was a huge group hunt and still amazing exp!

This year it seems more solo-able by most and being in a group kind of slows you down a bit