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Drake Egg?


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Where does it spawn? People tell me xl caves but ive not had one boss other than gozilla in 2 dozen caves.

Someone else told me maze and ive been living in both sides for 4 days staight. Not seen drake yet.

Any other ideas?
Ok they do spawn in the 30 gg cave in fact all do it’s just luck , bit like getting a red or blue Godzilla in there you get both dragon and boss
As for the maze they spawn both sides or routes if you prefer , the thing is that on mob respawn it selects x z y dragons to spawn there is no guarantee a fiery drake will spawn on that turn ,
It’s pure luck being in the right part of maze etc ,
As the days go by less and less players will need in your level bracket so hang in there ….
Yea I've done about 700gg of xl stones and not one single egg dropping boss has spawned in.

So it's maze or bust I guess cause I'm not wasting more gg on that nonsense for a quest.
Can anyone confirm if drakes spawn in the under 180 caves? Because there's no mazes on those maps. Maze is only 180 and up.
I think it only spawns Maze levels so any cave with maze in it? I don't know if sub 190 has maze