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Disable log out/in on deeper floors in ZT

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There are low level characters with recall sets dotted around, both in 5F near the ZT KR door, and inside the fountain maps

Logging in these places should be disabled, so when you log out there you go back to mudwall or at least 1st or 2nd floor of ZT

ZT is meant to be the hardest map, but people can easily skip most of it.

I'd maybe also say disable recall on 5F too. Make people work for it a bit.

@Warda Please close the thread as soon as you see this. I anticipate a lot of trolling/abuse, I just wanted to post the suggestion to GM
Not a bad idea. 4F seams deep enough for recall. Maybe have it allowed in the second 5F tho?
Sounds like someone's big mad all their alts are on one account and doesn't want to lvl a recall char.

Quit crying, build a bridge, get over it.
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