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Diablo Challenge (Giovanni quest)


Active Member
Hi Scorp,

Can you take a look at the workings of this one? I meticulously killed every mob on F1 and F2 (even my own pets at the end) to get the map "monster count" to 0 on both of them, but no Diablo appeared.. even ran all the way back to the start of F1 to check he wasn't there. Am I missing something silly or is it broke? :)


HeXy (JunTao)
Hi I need to get this one done too. I didn't kill everything but I did kill the two guardians. Nothing spawned at least not in the immediate area. Do I really have to kill every single one?
I just realised there are two diablo quests, one on giovanni and one on the farmer. I've only tried the giovanni one but are they the same?