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Crystal Temple boss/Super + champion bosses


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Getting a joke now, literally everyone goes to kill a pillar get a orb go afk,

before you say "every1 go there", you need 3 people for quick clearance x8 thats 21 people to get them all at the same time, not happening as a guild can just bring every1 to 1 pillar kill get orb go afk..

it should be, ALL pillars dead = boss auto spawns
like lord of the dead, make it a PVP boss with actual good drops, a long r/s global shout.... cause boss is barely being killed now, all the 158 books and items are dropping from mobs only... i mean 2 slice books dropped back to back from red moobs... 158 wiz tao books dropping like flies, kill the boss? your LUCKY to get a uni item.

Super/Red bosses need a little tweaking with the guarenteed drop rate, u can kill a blue nagalord or mountain or bile, get literally nothing, HECK even a red fourtails i got nothing... and a champion bile... if theyre have a low chance to spawn make them DROP worthy? As it seems theyre not really that good, hey it has a better chance of dropping, but then u can just kill the boss every other hour as not many ppl kill them, would bring more QOL + PK if you made them drop worthy (champion and super bosses (Blue and red)).

fair enough normal bosses are normal im content with their drops, supers and red is meh.... needs tweaking. Dont get me wrong they do drop at times, but sometimes u just get a G oil bunch of ingredients im talking a guarenteed drop e.g. u kill a champion boss, a guarenteed uni or 2 or something to drop...
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The fact someone can take one orb and then the boss cannot be killed it’s ridiculous. It’s so laughable that I don’t even bother thinking about it because it will make me angry at how retarded it is
This is fact

Yday spoke to a council or leader in immortals
“We only went to get orb so no1 can do boss”

My reply: “same” lol... there’s no way u can do it it’s impossible.... unless everyone’s offlije
I like his idea behind spawning the boss, however the way it's planned out is horrible. he tried to make you work together instead of " go to boss, kill" which is fair enough, however required expiry orbs in order to spawn a boss that drops poor 80% of the time (Considering this is latest content update) is a bit naff, i don't expect you nor do everyone else want you to flood the server with items/gold etc, however you need to give us an actual incentive to kill theses bosses.

Personally i think you should do as you did in Tomb, Have Pillar's that you have to activate, or have a "IceQueen" or some shit, were you have to clear her before you can proceed to killing the pillar's then then which then trigger the boss spawn.
The more I think about this, the more I think it would be best just to remove the orbs. It's a nice idea but it requires too much modification to make it workable. Just spawn the boss when all the pillars are smashed.

Shame really as I do enjoy a complex process to spawn a boss as it makes it more interesting, but in this case it's just not working the way it was designed, and either needs to be simplified as above or a lot of work put in to make the current system more fair