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Cost of running a guild!!


Cant go too much into details into this atm.. but damn cost of running a guild is just so expensive.. its just not worth it and off putting... unless ur part of a big guild, who already doesn't like to add new members due to costs increasing 100x fold when buying perks and all..

ill just just throw my recommendation now without explaining why cause im furious atm.

reduce costs of adding members slots and perks by a good 30-40% for a start.. cause atm this whole thing is one sided.. there should be more than just 2 guilds who can compete ingame. we need more choices and options available to us....

GM i know you like to let arcadia run its own course and let nature take over but really i think you should be more involved and play a part in keeping things balanced and fair.. personally i suspect you do this anyway behind the covers.. but its not enough man. be more involved, play the game a bit more often and see where everything stands.. for your benefit and us players.

right now with your current conditions... the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer or stays poor.

I really don't see what you're seeing. What is too expensive about running a guild? I made a guild on my store char and eventually put one of my mains in it and now it has 17 members, most of whom are barely even active. Yet we still manage to level the guild up and buy shields.

Maybe it's not "the rich get richer" but it's actually "the people who play more get richer"

Not trying to be harsh here, but, well, yeah I am lol

Levelling a guild is easy and cheap. If you aren't getting enough build points to make the guild successful then just hunt some more, kill some bosses and ge levelling. Recruit people who do the same. And it'll all fall into place really easily.

Guilds have already been made easier to run by reducing costs after some inactive players complained about it. If everything in the game is free and instant it ruins the whole point of playing.