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I’m still concerned about the games content right now
I started Easter two years ago
When I started, celestial kit was the best kit ingame
Celestial kit is STILL the best kit ingame
The only thing added since I started that is better than/equivilant to cele is a rejuvenating armour.
Since I started I have seen these updates, crystal temple, temple of ancients, past bichon, orcs cave, forgotten realm, zuma temple.
Still haven’t seen a new kit added better than celestial.
If I knew that orcs didn’t drop rares like celestial items when it was released I would never ever have gone there and wasted all the gg I did for some measly orc items.
I now know zt doesn’t drop them either so zt is now dead in the water for me.
Not quite sure what ur expecting us to go zt for?
Patch notes say two items sets for lvl 178 and 174.
Have not seen any 178 items except weapons
Is there a item set for 174 and the weapons are 178? Or is there two actual sets as the patch notes imply???
Games basically completed for too 10 right now.
Pointless playing and wasting gg to collect essence and designs and common as muck mythical items.
Best thing ingame right now is mythic cele items. To find them we gotta hunt the old content. It’s ridiculous that it’s been left this long to introduce a new kit.
What was ancient items? You teased a new set a year ago in hero’s town and just left the carrot dangling for a year. That’s a piss take in my opinion. Taking us for cunts in my opinion

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Your literally hell bent on making everybody equal. Seriously a left wing setup u got going on here. I imagine you’d of voted for how Biden and Tony Blair.
What exactly are you moaning about here? Let me abbreviate what I think you're saying...

1. I've got new areas that I don't use but I want new ones
2. The items I want aren't dropping
3. Bring out new items so they don't drop too
4. Trump in
Doesn't want everyone to be the same kit but wants even more bosses dropping cele? Cele isn't rare. Too many bosses drop celestial as it is. Seen loki drop 2 armours and a weap in 1 drop lol....
Areas are fine.
No super kit past celestial.
Direwolf/grand/Crystal/holy crystal/celestial. Nothing past this. All we have is super common normal items to salvage and sell to shops since pb.
The items I want don’t even exist atm.
Trump in

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I’m asking for a 180+ kit that’s next in line from celestial

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Or weapons armour 180+ that are not just a tiny bit better than celestial. I wana see new kits vastly better than celestial.

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Don’t care about cele drop rates.
What I’m saying is biles/ct/toa/pb drop cele rejuvenating armours
Zt orcs drop only normal items like the equivalent to getting a binghe item from ct.
Zt and orcs have nothing special to offer.
There is nothing left to hunt for.
They don't drop super rares yet.

What you have is burn out. Nothing to do with content half of the game content is what you make of it. Zt is great fun. Brilliant group hunting and plenty of mythics.

A huge part of the game when you reach end game is pvp based. Without pvp there's not a lot to do.

When you pay2level cap and then keep sinking £££ into kit, all that will ever happen is you will exhaust all content and ask for more, more, more...

This isn't a dig, just stating what happens. The last event took away the life span of zt, what should of lasted 3-6 months has barely lasted 1.
I think DS has a good point to be honest . Not really sure where game is heading . There should be a next “endgame” kit that’s 180 , super rare / really expensive . That people can try and aim for . Game just seems full of 178 players in mediocre myth stuff which in reality is probably the equivalent of 148 Crystal gear with added stats etc . Market is full of esse/dess which are now almost
Worthless . Crystal gear and mythics are the same . So what’s the aim here ? Just try and kill Loki and EM for cele stuff or a rejuve robe ? Which will soon also be worth FA . Think it all needs looking at tbh . I know some players seem To get defensive about it but I agree with DS ... games far too easy to level / and there’s nothing amazing past cele to aim for . Just my opinion
How can they just bang out a super rare set every time a few people aren't happy with how rare they are any more. Cele has been in game for a while, I guarantee you the drop rates are low but the fact is over time of course there are going to be more and more in the game. That's a good thing because more people get to be happy when they finally get one.

The people who spend daft, and the guild who successfully kills the new major boss are always going to be the first with it, which means they'll be the first to be bored with it too. Doesn't mean the dev team should throw a new tier in. How's that fair to the player who has busted a bollock for years to get the new set, maybe even donated a generous amount too, for them to just throw a new tier in as soon as he gets it because the try-hard community asked for it?

Hunt the major bosses, help new players, hunt lower caves, make a new character. That's what an mmo is about
Must say I was gutted about that lunar new year thing basically ruined the ZT update. I was really enjoying ZT from the day it was released and planned to level there every day until easter event. But that mini event just boosted everyone far too fast and now I get no worthwhile exp in ZT any more so there's very little incentive to go, which is a real shame as it is a brilliantly thought out cave.

The problem is that 99% of players are casual and will level MUCH more slowly and gather MUCH less kit than the top players. If the top players are allowed to get too far ahead then it makes it seems impossible for the 99% to catch up. There are a small handful of obvious exceptions, but they are just that, exceptions, and are irrelevant.

To keep the server alive there must be players going up through the ranks and for that to happen, mid level content is where the attention needs to be. I'd strongly argue that levelling after heroes league entry should be FAR harder. Events for those players in heroes league need to be drop focused rather than exp focused. Levelling in that last event was WAY too easy. I did 40% of level 181 in one evening after a full day at work, I mean come on that's just silly and should not be even remotely possible.

The endgame as was mentioned above is all about pvp, or finding your own entertainment, which is enough for almost everyone.
Celestial kit has been ingame since I started two years ago.
How old is arcadia? 7 years?
So 30% ish of the server we’ve had cele as best kit. I dno how long before I started cele got added but Alan and flying Dutchman already had full sets when I started.
That means the 5 years previous they had
Dire wolf
That’s a new super set on average every 1.25 years
New super set is well overdue
Caves aren’t being used as they should because there’s no reason to go there.

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I’d happily triple exp required after hero’s league entry
Wow it feels like the game has been around for so much longer.
I come and go that many times I've no idea how and at what rate they was introduced but I'm pretty sure dire and grand was already on project69 and was just copied over, and I have a feeling that crystal and holy crystal were released simultaneously, could be wrong.

Celestial is massively different from the rest too since it was class specific armours.

Ancient gear you already mentioned he has teased. So at least you know a new one is coming, it's just a matter of waiting
Celestial kit has been ingame since I started two years ago.
How old is arcadia? 7 years?
So 30% ish of the server we’ve had cele as best kit. I dno how long before I started cele got added but Alan and flying Dutchman already had full sets when I started.
That means the 5 years previous they had
Dire wolf
That’s a new super set on average every 1.25 years
New super set is well overdue
Caves aren’t being used as they should because there’s no reason to go there.

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I’d happily triple exp required after hero’s league entry

How do you know we averaged a new kit every 1.25 years pal?

I mean I don't know, but we can all manipulate numbers to fit what we need?

For instance the server was launched in 2013, let say its been going for 8 years.

For the sake of manipulation of numbers, we say grand and dire wolf was added from launch? Was they I don't know. None the less leaves us crystal and hc added the same time? Then celestial added after.

So 2013 launch
Hc and Crystal added the same time
8 years 2 sets added.

At these numbers your 2 years too early on your request.
Well I think it’s quite clearly obvious it didn’t happen like that. Then sets are all lvl 110+
How long did it take to get to 110? A year at least. Then Alan and flying had full celes two years ago so that would have taken at least a year to collect back then from only biles.
That leaves us 4 years. 4 sets. I highly doubt they was released 2 sets at a time.

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Why u so against new sets? U want the top 10 to quit and make way for the noobs to catch up and realise there’s no content and quit too?

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Cele kept me busy for 2 years. Give us somthing to keep us busy for the next two. Not two more updates with 0 upgrades for our kits to help with these new places

Didn’t even need ZT yet. Just needed new set in orcs. Then the zt items could of been used to upgrade them.
Or zt should of had a new 180 set that can’t be upgraded until the next cave. Etc
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Much rather balance what we have and have places to hunt than keep adding to the mess. When celestial was added it was salvage gear, for the simple fact you couldn't upgrade it.

That's a 100% fact.

So what we get is the em weap upgrade repeated. He adds ancient gear as the highest level gear then we have yet more moan threads from you that you can't upgrade them, so what was the point in adding them.

I just see a cycle here.

Give me more places to hunt and a tao remake/server balance over giving out huge power spikes ye.

I don't care if the entire server is the same level/kit as me, that's not we're I get my enjoyment from....
Then go play wow

Why would I play wow? Is it me with the problem? Your the one who is crying? I've just merely told a couple of facts of what's going to happen when ancient kit gets added.

The fact that history will repeat itself and we will have a crying ds on the forum's, about how left wing Scorpian is.

How there was no point adding ancient kit because he can't upgrade and if he can upgrade he couldn't use it anyway as it would likely be higher than the level cap.

Fact being no matter what he does you will find some problem or it won't be enough.

Bore off already.
Then go play wow

I just got done with playing wow. You do know that wow is still the giant of mmo's and its "left wing" in your eyes. So if Scorpian is taking ideas from that he is definitely going to a decent source, instead of little old Dan from the South who sells 10 bits of weed for a living lol.

I do think Scorp plays wow as some of the little things added is similar unless it's a coincidence.

Anyway Dean is right you do have a bit of a pattern for moaning, eventually getting what you asked for then moaning again lol
deanouk23;500572 The last event took away the life span of zt said:
Agree, I benefitted from the event - but it was not warranted IMO. With Easter only a month away.

It will probably force you to raise level cap pre easter event - then everyone will be crying for new content post easter event

Unless the event is not EXP OP like last year
Are you simply moaning again because your not number 1 on rankings. Pull your finger out your slacking mate. Mind you its easy to hit the top on a biked character. Awaits you response......
Really sorry but so much disagree with here. People are leveling and killing bosses and obviously still buying gg. People have top end kit which is in theory a 'endgame' AS IT STANDS but I have been playing arcadia for years and it still has that pull where I keep on playing. Everyone has different ideas what they want out of game, for me Im happy with way game is heading and the events that get put in.
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