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Constantly disconnecting


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Had about 5 or 6 chars logged in on the same PC (I do this all the time, store chars etc. it's never a problem). Went to watch TV for a while, came back and all of them had disconnected. Figured maybe my internet connection had a hiccup, no big deal, so I closed them all and logged back in on my main account, and it disconnected almost immediately (less than 1 minute). No message, just whole game just froze completely. I can still use the interface, PC is fully responsive, it's just like I've lost network connection.

I repeated 4 times and same result every time, just cuts off completely after a minute or less.

I've done a full memory diagnostic on my PC and it shows zero errors.

Logged in on laptop and it seemed fine, but my laptop is terrible and I can't really use it for playing.

Gave it over an hour, then went back to it, turned PC back on and tried again and same thing, logged in and it seemed fine for about 1 minute then I'm disconnected again.

Anyone experienced this before and can shed some light on how they resolved it?
Bit better today, lasted quite a while, definitely longer than yesterday, had a ping running in background while I was logged in, spied this at the moment I disconnected.


That confirms my guess that it's a networking thing, not a memory thing, just that 1 packet lost is enough to kick me off, so I lose killchain etc.

I have a choice of connections so will give the others a try later and see what happens. It could yet be a hardware fault at my end
Hey sorry for late reply. Did you solve it? Sounds like a router playing up, maybe a damaged cable?
Hey sorry for late reply. Did you solve it? Sounds like a router playing up, maybe a damaged cable?

Here's a wild thing. I tried absolutely everything short of buying a new PC, replaced the NIC, the cable etc. still had same problem. Then after a couple of days magically it was fine.

So I'm going to go ahead and blame my ISP (Virgin Media), it was on bonfire night and the following couple of days, so it was possibly some fireworks interfering with something outside the building
It might be a coincidence (so many people use VM) that I always hear people say they are on VM right after lag out issues! Although it has not been too bad in recent years there were regular mass disconnections during stormy days. Half the server would lose their connection to Europe for a number of seconds