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Chat box issues

I seem to be having an annoying issue - my pet state doesn't show up in the mini chat box, nor do group messages or my number of PK, GP, GG and GS message when I log on. However when I open the full chat box with the p shortcut, everything is there. Guild chat and local chat show up in the mini chat box as normal, as do private messages.

I've logged in and out loads and restarted my machine entirely but the issue is still there. This has happened since the update, but happened after about 30 mins after I had already been playing, rather than it being present as soon as I logged on.

Any ideas would be great!
It sounds like you have the 'hide system messages' button turned on: so it will say 'show system messages' when it is in the off state.

There are several buttons along the top left side of the chat window. I am always hitting the sound one by accident....