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Character storage

You can't. It's been done in very rare occasions when too many characters was causing a bug, and GM had to fix it manually. It's not designed to allow for permanent deletion of characters
I had no idea and consequently locked two of my chars out full of items runes and gems etc.
Pulling my hair out 🙈
I believe the max is 16 characters on the account before it stars bugging out and locking you out (character name you want to restore is off the screen and there's no way to scroll to it)

Why are you creating so many characters on one account? Just make more accounts and have 4 characters on each
As I said before I didn’t realise I would t be able to gain access once stored. Nooby moment on my part, pretty bummed. Well if anyone is reading hopefully this can be a warning so others don’t make the same mistake 😔
I 'm pretty sure you can just store 2 of the 4 active characters atm and retrieve the other 2 you stored they not got deleted.
I 'm pretty sure you can just store 2 of the 4 active characters atm and retrieve the other 2 you stored they not got deleted.
You can store as many as you want but if you have more than 16 then you can't see them all on the storage list, so if you store more after that you'll never be able to recover them
As Zade said above, the names of which stir char will appear in date order, the oldest being at the bottom.
My pc struggles with opening multiple windows hence why I chose to make multiple storage chars.
Don’t do as I did if you can help it peeps 😎
Honestly I will never do it, because I'm a freak and I despise the fact I have random character names in storage on some accounts that other people created, it annoys me just looking at them, I wish we had a choice between Storage and permanently delete, then at least you could restore a few crappy ones to permanently delete and that would solve the situation and bring your others back into view.