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Since high level players have been stuck at the max 4.2 Billion exp points for some time, we have decided to finally take action to reduce that number.

And so you will notice that all experience points have been divided by 4:
  • The number of experience points on your character is now 1/4
  • The number of resting exp points on your character is now 1/4
  • The number of points you need to level up is now 1/4
  • The number of points monsters give is now 1/4
  • .. and so on

Ultimately you should notice little difference in game except you might be shocked to see you are now earning 25k points per kill and not 100k, etc.

Don't be shocked.

Happy new year

Edit: If you are 173+ you may notice your % completion has dropped slightly, this is offset by the fact you will earn vastly more experience due to the soft cap level lifting.
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Before reboot i had about 18% to go to reach lvl 176, now i have 30% to go.. is that right? u mention that we will notice a slight difference.. 12% is not a slight difference lol..

Also this be a good time to increase quest rewards specially exp by a good 3x fold :)
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you done a 1/4 the gold drops as well by mistake. Was getting approx 15k gold at lvl 124 in jungle, now im getting max 4k
yeah was only getting 300gold in the new ZT , was a big group but still

I was levelling in HOA with some Midas kit before and getting 10-28k gold there abouts on some
Mobs . Since the update . Getting like 2k ? That’s fine if the golds getting nerfed, does seem to be less than a 1/4 what it was originally tho ?