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Champ Boss Announcements


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Is there any real need for them? Champs and Supers are all part of the game, the only reason for a global announcement when there is a super is to announce to those who hunt bosses to rt/trans/tele to find it.

The global announcement gives the advantage to the higher levels who have the ability to get their quickly, pk the lower levels who are already in the cave and grab the kill. If there was no announcement everyone has a chance of finding a super/champ boss and get drops without worrying as much about being pk’ed and lose items. Most people are in guilds so if the boss were to strong to kill they have the ability to call their guild or alliances guilds to help out...
Yes, gm removed the shouts for noob bosses sometime ago right up to king leoric and iku, perhaps its time to add more bosses to that list eg timbers 4t sky eve and mount
I agree with this. I know pk is part of the game and people love it and I like it when I see a shout and get a blue bile to myself but I think I'd rather just stumble upon one.
Still a good chance someone might walk in and try and steal it but it's part of the fun
There is a value (fair kill range) of 35 that applies to a variety of things in game, such as earning game points

In this case announcements are 35 levels from the soft cap so automatically increments with game progression